Teacher Appreciation Week at Southwest Truck Driver Training

When people think of Teacher Appreciation Week, they often think of celebrating teachers who work in traditional classrooms. And those educators should be celebrated! But here at Southwest Truck Driver Training, we believe that all teachers—regardless of how old their students may be—deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.


“Although we appreciate our Instructors all the time, each May is the time that we take a week and celebrate all that our Instructors do for our students. Fun was had by all, and we look forward to next May when we can do it all again.”

Steve Strong


Since we know our instructors pretty well, we know what they like to eat! So, throughout the week, we hosted myriad events with a lot of delicious treats.


“I was on a diet, but every bite was worth it!”

Dan Lipich


Breakfast? Check.

Taco Tuesday? Of course!

Kickin’ Chicken? We’ve got that!

The ice cream social may have been the favorite of all.

And the good eats didn’t stop there, with pizza and barbecue both making appearances.


“I like getting a good lunch, and the ice cream was a great idea.”

Shane Morey


We also gave out some swag bags full of the coolest Southwest Truck Driver Training gear!


“I really liked the food and gift bag.”

Brett Gettman


But more important than the food and fun are the bonds strengthened between the whole team.


“It was beautiful to see it unfold, especially when the management team came to join us and have short, small conversations.”

Justin Bamba

Thank you to our amazing instructors!