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"A CDL can open many doors, from driving an 18-wheeler to transporting passengers. A CDL says that I am a professional driver and will transport people and cargo professionally. Southwest Truck Driver Training prepared me to be a professional driver; starting day one."


"Since leaving Southwest for my first trucking job numerous people have told me how impressed they are with my driving skills. I tell them all that Southwest prepared me to be the best."

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"I currently work in the oil fields of North Dakota and making great money! This would never have happened for me if it wasn’t for Southwest’s amazing Job Placement Staff!"

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Kevin US Army veteran

"I looked at three different driving schools before walking into Southwest. I knew immediately, it was the place for me. Solid training and the respect you deserve."

US Air Force Retired

tashaMy name is Tasha.  I am a recent graduate student of Southwest Truck Driver Training.  I began my journey back in Feb. getting geared up for my new challenge.  I was directed to other schools here in the Valley, however, it was something about this school that drew me towards making the choice to attend going here.  I am so glad to have made the decision to sign on with SWTDT.  James Montgomery was my awesome recruiter, who took the time with me to bring me aboard.  He made the process very comfortable, and enjoyable.  I was very eager to get started!! 


While attending SWTDT, my hard-working teacher, Jeff made sure that I successfully got through the program.  I wanted this so bad, it was easy for me to take in all the information he was teaching and apply it to my life, and use it on the pad to complete my training.  Thank you, Jeff, for your thorough training.  I learned a lot from you and absorbed it like a sponge!!


Once on the pad, Miss Roberta, helped me take everything I learned in the classroom, and apply it to driving the nice Army wrapped Rig that awaited my arrival. Intimidating, yes.  Scared, not at all.  This was a desire of my heart, so I was up for the challenge.  Miss Roberta helped me along the way and was very professional.  There were some challenges I faced in my training, however, I kept at it.  She was very determined to help me through every turn, shift, double clutching, so I would pass and obtain my CDL A.  Kenneth also helped me out a lot as well.  Such an amazing staff of people SWTDT has.


When I graduated, it was on Mother's Day.  I am a Mother of two, so that was a very emotional time that I received my life changing Award, my Class A CDL!!! Thanks to an Amazing team of people. I call them my family because they made me feel like I was apart of them. Their support through it all was very loving. Thank you, Fam!!! 


Future Graduates, if this is a great desire of yours, then obtaining your CDL here at SWTDT will go according to plan, because they will definitely make sure it will.  Just pay attention, have a confident, not cocky attitude, remain humble and respectful, have a willingness to listen and learn.  Kristi will help you find work and won't stop until you are hired.  Be proud of yourself, because you chose a Great School!!! I wish you all much success on your new journey!!!

Sincerely,  A Very Happy Graduate

Tasha C

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