RV Driver Training

Have you been thinking about the perfect coast-to-coast summer trip … touring the contiguous 48 states and beyond… and basically enjoying the recreational vehicle lifestyle? There’s more to driving an RV than clearing corners and finding the best spot at the campgrounds for your 33-foot 5th wheel.

Don’t take to the open roads without the trucking basics you need to make every trip safe, secure and successful — the hands-on practical skills you’ll learn at Southwest Truck Driver Training.

At Southwest Truck Driver Training, our RV driver training program will help you learn how to drive an RV, from Class A motorhomes and Class B camper vans to 5th wheel trailers and other towable RVs. Through one-on-one instruction, you’ll learn how to:

  • Safely operate your RV in any condition and every road
  • Conduct pre-trip inspections to minimize camper-related breakdowns
  • Watch for campground hazards, including backing into your designated spot
  • Avoid mishap while towing another vehicle with your RV
  • Plan ahead for waste water disposal and other RV campground maintenance

This isn’t classroom work. This is behind-the-wheel driving on our RV training course helping you assess every oversized recreational vehicle driving consideration, from positioning your mirror to researching special items, such as automatic retractable awnings or bike racks, that may be on your RV. It’s the skill-building experience you need for:

  • Handling: negotiating multi-lane highways … safely changing lanes … making turns … and coming to a full and timely stop
  • Tight Spaces: recognizing and safely traversing problematic landscapes like parking spaces and gas stations
  • Braking: moderating speed to ensure the effective use of the RV’s braking system
  • Turning and Backing: bigger, wider and bulkier, RVs make wide-radius turns and back into narrow camping spaces
  • Height Limitations: campers are taller than personal vehicles and a low railroad bridge can spell disaster for the unprepared

In short, you won’t just learn how to drive an RV, you’ll learn how to drive your RV and still enjoy the trip.

Plus, upon completion of this specialized course for RV driver training, graduates will receive a Southwest Recreational Vehicle Training Certificate of Attendance, which is accepted by most insurance companies and could earn a break on insurance rates.

Are you ready to enjoy the open road in your camper? Fill out the form below or give us a call at 833-464-0737. Ask us about our financing solutions. Let’s talk about what it takes to help you get your RV travel dreams on the road to fun and success.


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