Our Commitment to Military Veteran Students

At Southwest Truck Driver Training, many of us know firsthand what it's like to leave the military and try to figure out your next steps. We also understand that sometimes those steps can seem like giant leaps.

Many of our educators and staff have military experience. Some of us saw active combat and have scars to show it. Due to our personal connections to the military, we strive to provide excellent training to those who have served. We want to help you transition to civilian life or a career that better suits you after you’ve tried something else.


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At Southwest Truck Driver Training, we offer you, the military student a quality CDL training programs experience to help you achieve your in-service and post-service goals.

At SWTDT, all military students including Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, Veterans and spouses of service members will have a team of dedicated admissions, financial aid and advising representatives trained in and focused on meeting your unique needs as a military student.


Our Leadership

Travis Williams is the Director of Veteran Affairs for Southwest Truck Driver Training. He has been with us for about two decades after spending six years as a U.S. Army Infantryman.

What Makes Southwest Different for Veterans?

What can you expect as a military veteran enrolling at Southwest Truck Driver Training?

First, we offer a blanket $500 off to every veteran who enrolls in our programs.

Second, we are here for you as a person, not just a student. You're transitioning to a whole new lifestyle and may be dealing with challenges others just don't get. Many of us, however, do. We want there to be no shame in saying, "I need help." We want to help you in whatever way we can—and our team has gone above and beyond before for our veteran students who need it.


Transitioning from Active Military Service to Trucking

We've seen how difficult finding a civilian job can be, and we're here to try to make that easier. At Southwest Truck Driver Training, all military students have access to a dedicated team focused on meeting their unique needs as military students.

People who aren't veterans or close to veterans often don't understand their work. Even military jobs that more or less directly translate to civilian careers may not be recognized by employers at first glance. You may even be fully trained in a position but haven't gotten the required civilian certifications or licenses to start work immediately. However, since many of us know what the military is like, we understand what you're saying about your previous experience and often can help you position your background for success in the civilian career world.

Many veterans reentering civilian life don't want to spend months or years training for a new position, especially if they can't keep a job during that time. Our programs last four to eight weeks depending on your chosen class schedule, and we have daytime and nighttime classes to help working folks keep their jobs while training.

We know many transportation employers are supportive of veterans as well. Many truck driving companies actively pursue veterans as employees, knowing your background means you respect timelines, safety, and the need for focus. They also know many veterans have handled heavy machinery, are physically healthy, and have driven at least a few heavy-duty vehicles.

And, the current truck driver shortage plus the number of new jobs being added over the next several years (4% nationwide) means you may have an easier time finding employment in trucking than in other fields.

We Help Vets Who Aren't Students, Too

Let's be honest: "We love veterans!" can sometimes sound hollow. At Southwest Truck Driver Training, we’re proud to say that we walk… and drive… the talk! Whether a veteran is or will be one of our students, we want them to know we see and remember them.

Just a couple of the ways we participate in the veteran communities are:

  • Attending and assisting with veteran events
  • Making sure local job groups know about our programs
  • Participating in Wreaths Across America
  • Forging longtime relationships with local VA chapters and centers to assist vets in areas other than CDL driving or training

While we're proud of all our efforts, we're particularly excited about our work with Wreaths Across America. Transporting wreaths can be difficult, and it's hard for the program to find drivers willing to volunteer their time and skills to make the treks. This is especially true if they're headed to remote or difficult-to-reach places like mountains. Luckily, we train and work near those areas and have the experience to do the job.

Connect With Someone Who’s Been There

Travis Williams is our Director of Veteran Affairs. He served 6 years in the U.S. Army as an infantryman.

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