Employer Profiles Who Hire Grads: May Trucking Company

When you finish trucking training school and are ready to start your career in the trucking industry, it’s important to be smart about which trucking company to work forThere are many factors to consider, including the type of work, routes, pay rate, benefits, and home-time policy the company offers 

 When investigating potential employers and trucking companies in Arizonabe sure to take a look at May Trucking Company.   

 This page provides information about the May Trucking Company and why you may want to consider them as you look at driving jobs in Arizona.  

About May Trucking Company 

May Trucking Company, founded in 1945, now has more than 900 tractor trailers hauling refrigerated and dry goods to multiple drop yards located throughout the United States. Their nine operating centers are strategically situated to meet the needs of both their drivers and their customers  

Operations centers are located in Brooks, OregonPayette, IdahoLayton, UtahPhoenix, ArizonaDenver, ColoradoOmaha, NebraskaGary, IndianaNashville, Tennessee; and Pensacola, Florida. 

The company supports its drivers and provides excellent equipment, superior pay, and high-quality benefits, including:  

  • Up to 50 cents per mile (CPM)  
  • Guaranteed daily pay 
  • Monthly safety bonus 
  • Monthly productivity bonus
  • Scheduled CPM increases 
  • Paid orientation
  • Paid time off after 90 days
  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan 

They also offer a rider policy that allows a person to accompany solo drivers so family members can spend time together on the roadas well as a pet policy that drivers can discuss with their recruiter. 

May Trucking has won numerous industry awards. The company is proud of its top-notch customer service, logistics, maintenance, human resources, and driver managers. Their efficient operations and load planning allow drivers to prioritize their home lives without sacrificing income or safety.  

May Trucking Company Looks for Trucking School Graduates  

Truck driving schools offer training that teaches drivers how to safely handle a truck on the road and provides an understanding of its mechanics, such as brakes, hydraulics, and gears. The classroom information and hands-on training provide the knowledge and skills needed to obtain a Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL).  A Class A CDL and proper endorsements permit drivers to operate the following types of vehicles: 

  • Tractor trailers 
  • Truck and trailer combinations 
  • Tank vehicles 
  • Livestock carriers
  • Flatbeds 

Most truck driving programs take full-time students about seven weeks to completeCompanies hire graduates from good truck driving schools because a good, professional truck driving school provides the advanced driving skills needed to handle different types of roads and road situations. They teach road safety and how to drive in a fuel-efficient manner, as well as business and customer service skills.  

Truck driving schools depend on their reputations and word-of-mouth recommendations, so they’re very interested in assuring their students are able to pass licensing exams. Some schools provide job placement assistance and have connections with multiple freight hauling companies.  

May Trucking Company in Arizona is especially interested in graduates from Southwest Truck Driver School, Inc. (SWTDT), which has been operating in the area since 1999 and has built its reputation on providing quality training and producing good drivers.  


Types of Driving Jobs Available at May Trucking Company 

May Trucking Company hires entry-level drivers, experienced drivers, and independent contractors. The company is willing to invest in entry-level drivers who meet the qualification requirements, have completed a good truck driving program, and have a valid license for the type of vehicle they’ll be operating. They know graduates from a good driving school have learned the skills needed to do the jobMay Trucking assigns a driver manager who works closely with the new employee to ensure the driver’s success. 

Of course, May Trucking also hires experienced drivers. Driving schools teach needed skills, but nothing can replace experience. Experienced drivers are in demand, and projections for the industry indicate they will continue to be in demand in the coming years.   

May Trucking also hires independent contractors. Contractors aren’t company employees. They provide services under a legal agreement.  

Employers love job candidates who are disciplined self-starters and are motivated to stay until a job is finished.  These are exactly the traits that many people learn during time in the military, so it makes sense that the company hires, and has a special program for, veterans. 

New entry-level employees who are veterans can use their VA educational benefits to pay for CDL training and can receive $250 a month (up to $15,000).  Under May Trucking Company’s Driver Apprenticeship Program, eligible veterans can receive VA benefits tax-free for up to two years in addition to their normal pay.  


Job Requirements 

To be hired as a driver at May Trucking Company, all drivers must meet the minimum requirements set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 

May Trucking requires drivers to: 

  • Be 21 years or older 
  • Be eligible for employment in the United States 
  • Be able to speak and write in English 
  • Be able to pass a physical and medical examination and have a medical examiner’s report and certificate 
  • Have the training and experience required to safely operate vehicles and equipment
  • Pass and hold driver’s road test certificate
  • Hold a valid Class A CDL or be enrolled in school to obtain one
  • Provide a list of all traffic violations and/or criminal charges in the past 12 months 
  • Have no DUI/ conviction within the past five years
  • Have no reckless/careless/negligent driving conviction in the past five years 

Why Drive for May Trucking Company? 

May Trucking Company strives to assure a good quality of life for its drivers. The company’s efficient operations and load planning let drivers prioritize their home lives without sacrificing safety or income. They also provide quality equipment and excellent pay with benefits 

May Trucking is proud of its reputation for great performancereliability, and results.  

In a review on Indeed.com, a current employee said May Trucking is a solid company that provides strong support and a nice working environment and that it’s great place to work. He liked working with his driver manager and the other people at the company. He said lots of miles are available and thought the pay was above average with good benefits. He also liked the company’s pet program.