Get a CDL Today and Start Driving for Amazon in Tucson, Arizona

Get a CDL Today and Start Driving for Amazon in Tucson, Arizona   As you search for truck driver training, consider the types of truck driver jobs that will be waiting for you when you graduate CDL training in Tucson. Recently Amazon expanded operations significantly with two major construction projects in this Arizona city. Find…

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How Much do Truck Drivers Make a Year?

The booming economy and persistent driver shortages have truckers firmly in the pay raise driver’s seat. To answer the question about “how much do drivers get paid per year?” … More! Skilled, CDL-licensed truck drivers are in high demand. If you have seen headlines about national wages starting to climb by fractions, disregard those numbers.…

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Busting Myths About ‘How Long Can A Truck Driver Drive?’

Despite the significant reforms the trucking industry has enjoyed, common myths still exist about how long can truck drivers drive. Big rig freighter haulers once worked excessive hours that taxed the men and women of the road into less than safe driving circumstances. Fortunately, reforms about how many hours can a truck driver drive have…

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The Effects of Autonomous Driving on the Trucking Industry

vehicles driving on Fort Worth highway., busy highway in Fort Worth

Ike, an autonomous trucking start-up company, just finished a Series A round of $52 million. Investors are working to create self-driving trucks. Companies such as Amazon and Embark are also working with autonomous deliveries. Embark is using autonomous technology in its trucks while Amazon is testing “Scout,” a robot delivery service. While this may save…

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How the Transportation Industry Has Changed

truck driving up the hill with mountains in background, how the transportation industry has changed,trucking transportation

Trucks did not always rule the road. In fact, before the first truck rolled out of the Winton Motor Company factory in 1899, train or horse-drawn buggy delivered freight. The first trucks that were used until WWI where limited by the load size and capacity and used primarily for short haul and urban routes. Around…

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Tribute to Our Founder: Gary P. Williams

Sean Williams, SWTDT president

It was 7 years ago that I stood at the podium and tried to find the words to say in front of friends, family and coworkers. It was not a graduation nor was it a birthday or retirement. It was the funeral for my father, Gary P. Williams, the founder of Southwest Truck Driver Training,…

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What is Intermodal Trucking and Why Does it Matter?

intermodal trucking, intermodal truck, intermodal, what is intermodal trucking

As an industry professional about “intermodal trucking” and they’d probably point to one of those big containers that come off ships to be hauled away by an 18-wheeler. But the industry has evolved into far more than just getting the freight in an intermodal container from point A to point B. In fact, intermodal transportation…

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Trucking Forecast Looks Promising for 2019

row of semi trucks, trucks in a row, trucking forecast looks promising in 2019

The U.S. economy enjoyed robust growth in 2018, exceeding the expectations of many experts. And it was the determined American truck driver that kept goods and materials moving. Prosperity in manufacturing, import-export, and other sectors meant growth for truckers as well throughout the trucking industry. The demand for freight deliveries, coupled with a driver shortage,…

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What to Expect with Class B CDL Training in the Southwest US

commercial delivery truck, commercial delivery truck training, class b cdl training, class b cdl license, class b cdl delivery truck, What to Expect with Class B CDL Training in the Southwest US

As you pursue a career in the truck driving industry, the first step you must take is to get your commercial driver’s license. Until you have a CDL, you are not eligible to start working as a truck driver in the US. Here at Southwest Truck Driver Training in Arizona and Nevada, we provide Class…

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Earn RV Training Certification and Safely Enjoy the Open Road

RVs on coastline, vacation in RV, RV training, RV training certification, SWTDT RV training certification, Earn RV Training Certification and Safely Enjoy the Open Road

More and more Americans are shifting away from traditional vacations by buying an RV and hitting the open road. Recreational vehicle sales increased by more than 17 percent in 2017, according to the RV Industry Association. That trend continues to grow as the freedom of the open road calls retiring Baby Boomers and Millennials, among…

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