Get a CDL Today and Start Driving for Amazon in Tucson, Arizona

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Get a CDL Today and Start Driving for Amazon in Tucson, Arizona  

As you search for truck driver training, consider the types of truck driver jobs that will be waiting for you when you graduate CDL training in Tucson. Recently Amazon expanded operations significantly with two major construction projects in this Arizona city. Find out how this will increase truck driving jobs in Tucson and for students graduating from Southwest Truck Driver Training.

Amazon Expands in Tucson

According to a report by the Arizona Daily Star, the mayor of Tucson, Jonathan Rothschild, said, “Amazon has discovered that Tucson is the logistics center of the Southwest.” In response, the online mega-retailer is in the process of establishing two new logistics facilities here in the Southwestern city.

Over on the west side of Tucson, Amazon will construct a new auxiliary distribution site. This project is in the early stages with plans to feature a driver parking, truck wash and fueling station for drivers who will work for the company. Named Project Cactus, the Amazon facility will handle packages in transit. Packages arrive at the Tucson location and are redistributed to local and regional LTL trucks for delivery.

Rothschild said, “The city’s Planning and Development Services Department helped expedite this important project in short order. Very proud of our staff and happy to have this new, last-mile distribution center to complement Amazon’s larger fulfillment center — both in the city of Tucson.”

Amazon is expanding a second location for operations in Tucson. The multinational technology company will open an 855,000-square-foot warehouse space this year. This site alone will bring in over 1,500 new employees.

The new facilities will need to hire local truck drivers for LTL hauls as well as last-mile services. As a last-mile distribution center, the locations will be in operation for 24 hours a day. This means plenty of trucking hauls for local and regional Arizona truck drivers.

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program

If you are interested in driving a truck for Amazon at the Tucson, Arizona location, note that this company has a private fleet. Therefore, you will need to go through the company’s in-house Delivery Service Partner Program.

The company hires independent owner-operators who go on to become fleet owners. When you start driving for Amazon in this partner program, you receive a local delivery van, commercial driving insurance and driver support. The company also pays for your fuel.

In exchange, you pay $10,000 to be in the program. This is similar to the way a lease to purchase program works for other trucking companies. For the $10,000 startup fee, you receive a contract to drive for Amazon along with driver support and tech services.

There is also the opportunity to drive for Amazon as a Flex driver. This is similar to the way Uber or Lyft operates, in that you pick up parcels for local deliveries when you want or can per your availability. The company is paying Flex drivers $18 to $25 per hour.

How to Get a Commercial Trucking Job

Here at Southwest Truck Driver Training, our truck driving job recruiters help you get into the driver’s seat at local freight hauling companies like Amazon. To get started with a trucking job at Amazon, you need to have your commercial driver’s license.

As a new hire, you also want to gain valuable behind the wheel experience before applying to an Amazon trucking job. Here at Southwest Truck Driver Training, we provide CDL training at three locations:

  •       Tucson, Arizona
  •       Phoenix, Arizona
  •       North Las Vegas, Nevada

Our locations are geared up to give you one-on-one instruction with our highly skilled driver trainers and mentors. To get started, check out our financial aid options to see if you can get assistance with trucking school.

Get a CDL Now

If you need to get a commercial driver’s license before you can apply to a trucking job at Amazon, start here at Southwest Truck Driver Training. Along with providing you with the behind the wheel training you need to pass the CDL exam in Arizona or Nevada, we help you get hired. Choose STDT for your trucking school and earn your CDL fast.