Las Vegas is the Ideal Place to Begin a Truck Driving Career

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – September 20, 2014: The Las Vegas strip brightly illuminated at night. The Rio Hotel in front where the WSOP is held every year and the whole strip from the Stratosphere Tower over the Wynn to the Flamingo.

Anyone who has ever considered a trucking career should know that the current market for truck driving professionals is on an upswing. Not only are salaries above the national average, but jobs are plentiful for those who want to earn a substantial income and live the “truck driving life.” Future truck drivers seeking employment in Las Vegas are doubly fortunate because Nevada’s most famous city is undergoing both a population and economic boom. Once known primarily as a gaming capital, Las Vegas has been undergoing a significant transformation into a family-friendly vacation spot for almost two decades.

Las Vegas is a family-friendly locale for professional truck drivers

Boasting one of the largest, and best, public school systems in the nation, along with major universities, a top-ranked law school, professional and college sports, the city in the Mojave Desert continues to expand and shows no evidence of slowing down. With 40 million visitors each year and a permanent population of almost 700,000, Las Vegas is a wise choice for people who want to begin a career as professional truck drivers.

Las Vegas is entering an employment and population upswing

In Las Vegas and the entire Southwest region of the U.S., the truck driving industry is expanding. That’s good news for new drivers with high-level training. A trucking career in this part of the nation offers variety, lucrative salaries, and long-term employment opportunities.

A recent analysis that appeared in the Las Vegas Review-Journal noted that the city is the second-fastest growing city in the U.S. with estimated population growth currently three times the national average. Add to those impressive statistics the fact that Las Vegas is adding $18 billion in new construction over the next few years, and the only conclusion you can draw is that Las Vegas is a smart place to begin a truck driving career.

Jobs in Las Vegas for licensed truck drivers are waiting for new licensees. Truck driving salary levels are the highest they’ve ever been. The Southwestern U.S. is currently undergoing an economic boom not only in trucking but construction and other major sectors of the economy. That means Las Vegas will continue to be one of the best places in the U.S. to begin a trucking career.

Truck driving careers are stable and well-paying

Financial information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the median pay for truck drivers who held a CDL license in 2017 was $42,480. That’s one of the highest rates of pay for a career field that does not require a college degree, offers on-the-job training that lasts just a few weeks, and has plentiful employment opportunities. BLS also points out that nearly two-million full-time truck drivers are currently working in the U.S. with growth rates at well over 5 percent for the next decade.

What statistics don’t reveal is this: The truck driving life offers independence, a deep sense of accomplishment, and an honest way to earn a good living. Not many career fields are open to so many and provide such a wide variety of benefits, both economic and personal. Why not check into a truck driving career today? A stable future and new occupation go hand in hand for truck driving professionals.

CDL Training Programs for Your Truck Driving Career Goals

At SWTDT, students can choose from several specific training programs. There are class A CDL, class B CDL, refresher courses, classes for recreational vehicle drivers, as well as military vehicle training programs. In short, whatever your trucking career goals are, Southwest has a plan to fit your individual needs.

Southwest Truck Driver Training complies with all state, regional and national trucking industry regulations regarding licensing. For more detailed information about the rules for the State of Nevada truck driving industry, licenses, permits and other conditions, visit the official Nevada DMV website’s dedicated page for commercial driver licensing.

Multiple financing options are available

Contact Southwest Truck Driver Training and speak with a helpful Admissions Representative today by calling 833-220-2340. Whether you’re a veteran or not, SWTDT has a wide range of state grants and in-house financing options available for prospective drivers, including plans associated with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and other state grant sources.

For those who choose in-house financing, Southwest Truck Driver Training’s Finance Representative reps will be happy to discuss one of our affordable payment arrangements that don’t begin until graduates have had time to secure a job after getting their license.